Wednesday, December 10, 2008

About Me

about me
Is this suppose to be a Curriculum Vitae? I don’t think so…I am telling you a little bit about me so at least you would know that you’re visiting a real blog. A blog that runs by a real man whose learning to write. Hopefully someday I can be like JK. Rowling or any other famous writers.
I’m fully aware that having a blog has some consequences for my self. I have some obligation to write & behave honestly and telling the truth to the world.  
I’ve been on Blogger since January 2007, so this year (2010) is my fourth years being here. I found wonderful times here, so many laugh , so many stories, so many touching moments, so many inspirational words, so many lessons, so many hopes, so many creativities, and much more. For the first year I only watched and read other blogs. I couldn’t write even a single posting. I never write an article before, may be because I’m a rigid construction engineer who couldn’t play words to become interesting sentence….but I learn how to write word by word…until now.
I have simple thoughts to add to this complicated world. I don’t have sophisticated things to share, or even brilliant thoughts, or even much money to donate for the sake of the world’s living.  I just have small loves to give. The love for a peace world.
familyI’m 38 years old with a lovely wife and a lovely 4,5 years old daughter, who live in a small yellow color house in Cibubur, Jakarta, Indonesia.’re right…I’m a new father, whose still a foolish in parenting. That’s why I should learn a large from all of you guys how to make a happy family and how to caring, loving, & educating my daughter.
For the past 14 years I’ve been working as a Construction Engineer in one of Indonesian Construction Company. So now you can imagine what I’m doing for living. I always moved around, just like nomadic people. Most of the time I spent 3 months minimum in one place. I’ve been in Cilegon, Anyer, Lhok Seumauwe, Sorowako, Gresik, Ternate, West Sumbawa, Tanjung Pinang, Pangkal Pinang, Cikampek, Qatar, China and off course Jakarta.
Too bad I didn’t write from long time ago. There were so many great stories I could write it down. But it’s OK…better late than nothing, Isn't it?   
If you’re asking me what my mission in live is, then the answer is to share the love to the world. But How? I’m still working on it, I’m still figuring it out. But at first I’m sharing the love to my family. I believe God will guide me to the rest.
 Happy blogging my friends!